I have been tagged by Lone of ddd-favoritter – I have to write 5 things about myself and then go on to tag 5 more bloggers.
Here is my list:

  1. As I child I hated baby dolls and refused to play with them.
  2. When my grandmother gave me a sewing caddy that she hand-painted herself for my 13th birthday, I was horrified. It wasn’t a toy! I use it every day now, as well as her sewing machine – I think that she knew something that I didn’t.
  3. My Mom and I always compete for the same items at antique stores.
  4. I am trying to teach myself to speak Polish – it’s slow going, but I am determined.
  5. The head of my household is a small orange female cat named Slayer whose authority none of us dare to challenge (unless we feel like taking a sound beating).

Now I am tagging the following people…

  1. Tonya of Olde Country Creations
  2. Debra of Pilgrims and Pioneers
  3. Lana of Honeysuckle Lane
  4. Doreen of Vermont Harvest Primitives
  5. ? If you are reading, feel free to fill yourself in here!

New Grungy Primitive Pumpkin

I just finished another Netty LaCroix pumpkin – I made this one more grungy than the last one. He was stained, painted, and sanded many times over and then dusted with cinnamon. I grungied up the stem as well, and added vintage buttons on top of circular patches for eyes.

grungy primitive pumpkin doll

This pumpkin is up for sale now on Old World Primitives.

Finished Extreme Prim Garden Doll with Pear

I finished the aging process on the tin watering can for my new extreme primitive Garden Doll (a Netty LaCroix design) and added it to her as a finishing touch. I also added a loop of string behind her shoulders so that she can be displayed hanging up. She now comes with a primitive pear that I made as an accessory too. This is the finished doll with pear – she is up for sale now on Old World Primitives:

garden doll with pear - a Netty LaCroix design

New Extreme Primitive Doll

I just finished a new extreme primitive folk art doll today. She is a garden doll, just in time for spring. As soon as I age her little tin watering can I will tie it to one of her stick hands as a finishing touch.

extreme primitive netty lacroix doll

extreme primitive netty lacroix doll

I made her using a Netty LaCroix pattern, and I tested out my new bamboo fiber fill as stuffing. I really like the bamboo stuffing – it has a great texture and is so soft. This prim doll has a muslin head, a dress made from homespun, a cheesecloth apron with some dried grass tucked in it, string for hair, a pinch-stitched nose, painted eyes and mouth, and twigs for arms and legs.

Did Some Shopping For Primitive Craft Supplies Today

I went to my local Jo Ann Fabric and Craft and Pearl Paint stores today to do some shopping for craft supplies. It is always so fun to come home and unpack all of my goodies.

primitive craft supplies

I can’t wait to try out the new Bamboo fiber stuffing that I found! It is so soft and silky! Even softer than the big bag of sheep’s wool I have, but with no VM to clean off first. Plus the bamboo fiber is eco-friendly and naturally antibacterial. I think I am hooked on it already.

I also love the texture of the Osnaburg that I picked up:

Onsaburg fabric

It is so prim!

Grammy’s Vintage Sewing Machine

I have so many new primitive doll patterns that I can’t wait to make. I am working on creating another Netty LaCroix pumpkin doll before moving onto some of the new prim patterns for spring that I just purchased.

my vintage sewing machine surrounded by primitive patterns and dolls

I have reached a point in my life where I deeply appreciate the now-vintage Viking Husqvarna 6430 sewing machine that my grandmother left me. It still works just like new. I brought it into the local sewing machine repair shop for a tune-up once and the staff acted like I had just brought in the holy grail. Grammy, I hope that you can see me sewing now.