Grammy’s Vintage Sewing Machine

I have so many new primitive doll patterns that I can’t wait to make. I am working on creating another Netty LaCroix pumpkin doll before moving onto some of the new prim patterns for spring that I just purchased.

my vintage sewing machine surrounded by primitive patterns and dolls

I have reached a point in my life where I deeply appreciate the now-vintage Viking Husqvarna 6430 sewing machine that my grandmother left me. It still works just like new. I brought it into the local sewing machine repair shop for a tune-up once and the staff acted like I had just brought in the holy grail. Grammy, I hope that you can see me sewing now.

2 thoughts on “Grammy’s Vintage Sewing Machine”

  1. I found this older post by googling “vintage viking sewing machines”
    Not really pertinent to what I was looking for, but I wanted to let you know that I share in your joy, as I recently acquired a Viking 564 and it’s in perfect working order and still has all of the original accessories, the manual, etc.
    I called my machine shop and they were mentioning insuring it?

  2. Hi Candice,
    Aren’t these old machines great? And so wonderfully built to last. I’m not sure that insuring one would make sense, though. I have checked eBay before, and their market value seems to be about the same as it would cost to replace them with a brand new machine. I also tend to suspect that they will long outlast the premium payments anyway. 😉

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