New Extreme Primitive Doll

I just finished a new extreme primitive folk art doll today. She is a garden doll, just in time for spring. As soon as I age her little tin watering can I will tie it to one of her stick hands as a finishing touch.

extreme primitive netty lacroix doll

extreme primitive netty lacroix doll

I made her using a Netty LaCroix pattern, and I tested out my new bamboo fiber fill as stuffing. I really like the bamboo stuffing – it has a great texture and is so soft. This prim doll has a muslin head, a dress made from homespun, a cheesecloth apron with some dried grass tucked in it, string for hair, a pinch-stitched nose, painted eyes and mouth, and twigs for arms and legs.

2 thoughts on “New Extreme Primitive Doll”

  1. Nice folk art doll. I really liked the way you used the earthy colors. The stuffing looks good. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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