Welcoming Summer

The unofficial start of summer is here, so I have decided that I must get out of my gardens and back to the creating table.  There are many dolls and ornaments in progress that are calling for my attention!  Here is a look at the spun cotton ornaments that I have added to Old World Primitives Etsy shop since my last blog post… yes, I am already preparing for Halloween!

spun cotton ornament

spun cotton ornament

spun cotton ornament

spun cotton ornament

And this is Laura, my latest primitive cloth doll with a sculpted Paperclay face – she is traveling at the moment, preparing for her feature in a future issue of Prims magazine.  🙂

primitive doll

I have been working ever so slowly on my Izannah Walker doll class, which thankfully has stayed open long enough for slow pokes like me.   This is where I am at with my doll now – her sculpting is done, and I am ready to apply her stockinette next.  I think that perhaps I have been hesitating with moving onto that step for so long now because I’m a bit nervous about messing her up!

izannah walker doll

9 thoughts on “Welcoming Summer”

  1. Your Halloween dolls are gorgeous Stephanie. I suppose it sounds really early for Halloween but I think this summer is passing so quickly that it won’t be that long before we are there…haha. I really like how your Izannah Walker doll is coming along. I know what you mean about hesitating before doing the next step. I often find myself doing that with a drawing or painting.

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    Oh my gosh, thank you so much for sharing your IW work in progress with us. So much fun to see her. I love her already. You are so talented.
    OH! I will be over later this week to get some red white and blue cuties from you! Decisions decisions. 🙂
    Happy week to you,

  3. Hi Stephanie!
    ACK! I’m so sorry, time just well, went, skedaddled, away from me. Running over to your shop now!
    Happy week to you!

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    WHEW! I’m so glad that our time skedaddled off together – I felt so bad about not getting back to you when I said I would. I hate being late!
    I’ll go check my email now. Talk to you soon re the doggie.
    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Stephanie!
    Whoops! I only just saw your email to me on Etsy – sent a Hello back to you. 🙂
    Happy Summer to you!

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