Chenille and Spun Cotton Halloween Ornaments

I am busily assembling a cast of characters for Halloween this week… the last spooky spun cotton ornaments and chenille Halloween ornaments are below.  The spun cotton witch kitty will have a sister tomorrow.

spun cotton black cat Halloween ornament

spun cotton skeleton Halloween ornament

Halloween chenille ornaments

I have a few new dolls in progress too.   I am excited to use my new antique shop finds – grungy old buttons and antique lace – in some primitive creations.

antique buttons and lace

4 thoughts on “Chenille and Spun Cotton Halloween Ornaments”

  1. Hi Stephanie. Playing catchup with blog posts I have missed. Where have I been and where does the time go? Anyway, the black kitty is so cute and I love her broom. Great buttons and lace finds. There is so much recycled stuff around these days and so much nicer and cheaper than buying new too. I like the sense of history that someone else has owned something before me.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    It was so nice to see a message from you this morning! Ay yi yi, I’m still way behind, well, with everything! Your new Halloween pieces are charming, I’m so looking forward to adding some to my Stephanie collection. 🙂 Thinking of you, hoping all is well and I will hope to catch up with you shortly. Happy almost Halloweenie!

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