Time Flies When You’re Going Bonkers

I have been all over the place since my last post… oh gosh, where to start. I’ll start with the embarrassing part first – my husband and I attempted to move for the second time within three years, and our plan flopped once again. We have been trying to move from the suburbs to an older farmhouse in the country… something that I always thought was my dream… to live in a 1700s or 1800s farmhouse decorated like one of the homes I have so often drooled over in Early American Life magazine. But our attempts to move have taught me that this may not be my ultimate dream after all. The country escapes that we found ourselves pursuing were still just a little too “more of the same,” albeit in less developed areas. We don’t have the big bucks required to completely “get away from it all,” and we just couldn’t find anything that was quite enough away.

So now we have a new plan in mind… bear with me here, as this may sound crazy… to save up enough money to REALLY move into the country… or rather, a step closer to the wilderness. We are going to save up, purchase a motor home, sell our current home, and pursue the freedom of living full time on the road, camping at remote, wild and beautiful spots along the way. This is an idea I have been toying with for 6 years now, but I never thought I would be able to make it happen. I felt too entrenched in my current way of life despite how much I wanted to give this a try. But now, if we can save enough to make this plan feasible… there is a new goal in the horizon.

So. I’ve wasted a ton of time this summer house-hunting, packing… and then un-packing (ugh!), but I’ve still managed to get some new dolls and ornaments created, and to do a bunch of gardening and pickling too.


Do you think my tomato plants are happy?? 😀

tomato plants

And now I invite you to meet an extreme primitive doll named Nadine, and a primitive witch make-do named Hexe:

extreme primitive doll

primitive folk art witch make-do

Plus my newest ornaments in spun cotton, spun glass, and chenille:

spun cotton ornament

spun glass ornament

chenille Halloween ornaments

All of the new creations above can be found in my Old World Primitives Etsy shop.

7 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Going Bonkers”

  1. Hi Stephanie. Nice to see you back to blogging, but what a time you have had. So much stress with moving always. I think your idea for a motor home is wonderful. How great to see all the parts of your country that you would never normally see. Not many people would have the nerve to try and will probably be very envious of you. Love the new work. Nadine looks scary. Love her headwear.

  2. Very adorable, all of the above! (I especially love the little ornaments). The tomatoes do look happy … at least mine always flop over like that, so I assume that’s what makes tomatoes feel content. Best of luck with the “country-inspired” living project, no matter where it takes you!

  3. Steph…what a wonderful and exciting plan!! I wish you the best of luck with it!!! Stop by VT & visit along your travels 🙂

    Love, love, love your new ornaments (dolls too). Everything is great.

    Those tomatoes look very happy :)gracious they are HUGE!

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  4. Well, I hope your dream comes true and you get to realize the fact of living in the wild wonderful outdoors! But it looks like you love to garden so what woud you do without that? I like to garden myself in te spring and fall when it is not fiercely hot since we live in IL. So good luck to you:)

  5. Hi Jen,
    Thank you very much! There will be a lot of trade-offs and things I’ll have to leave behind when we finally move to “on the road” – I have thought about the gardening, and I think that my answer would be to do some occasional/seasonal farm work while on the road. Or perhaps map out where all of the best farm stands or “pick your own” locations are at.
    Thanks so much for stopping by,

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