Sweet Annie Harvest

I grew my own organic sweet annie this year to use in crafting my spun cotton and primitive doll creations.  Today was harvesting day.

sweet annie

Fresh sweet annie smells so wonderful!

Earlier in the day, a black swallowtail butterfly visited the carrots, dill and parsley in my garden, and laid her eggs in them. Another swallowtail had done the same earlier in the week. I am looking forward to seeing the caterpillars hatch in a few days.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Annie Harvest”

  1. I had ONE sweet annie plant this year, and my husband harvested it for me a little ahead of time thinking it was a giant weed in the flower bed! I hope to have more next year.
    Your bundle looks so pretty and prim! 🙂

  2. Is there a type of sweet annie that doesn’t go wild and spread everywhere?
    Seems like I remember reading that sometime bags.

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