6 thoughts on “Antique Show Find – German Sheep”

  1. Hi Stephanie –Val from Flickr here –I love this sheep! What a great find he is. Now I can see you making lots of little cousins for him –can’t wait to see!

  2. Hi, I just bought a similar (more recent) sheep that looks like this. It’ stands 3-4 feet tall, is very heavy & solid (you can sit on it), made of solid wood and covered with [now worn-down] fleece. I got it for $55 at an antique market in northern Indiana, it just had the description “folkart”. I just ran across your picture and after some searching online, I see that these kind of sheep were made a lot–though usually very small, and people describe them as German Putz (but I havent found anything else about what that was) Can you tell me anything more about this trend/style of art? Just curious…we love our sheep and would like to know more about her!

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