Prims Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 Issue

The Witch in the Moon - featured in the Prims Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 issue

I am pleased and honored to share that my Primitive Halloween Moon (aka The Witch in the Moon) design is featured in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Prims magazine!  You can find him on pages 96-97, and I am including a photo of his spread below – click the image above for a closer look.

Some of you may have seen this feature already but found me away on vacation when it was released, but I am back open for business now after an exciting and fun two-week road trip through Utah, Arizona and Nevada.  I have gotten a bunch of pattern requests for this design, so I am now strongly considering releasing my very first pattern soon – stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Prims Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 Issue”

  1. Hi Stephanie!
    Oh! I’m doing my happy dance over here for you, how exciting! I look forward to seeing your article and wishing you much success with your first release of a pattern if you decide to go for it!
    And you got to go to the Martha show, you lucky! Pea green with envy over here.
    Happy week to you,

  2. Stephanie! Where have I been?! I didn’t know that Martha’s show had ended until I read your reply to me yesterday. Completely missed the announcement. I had to reread your words three times “final season” and then I googled it and it’s all over google. Good grief, I must be asleep. I even DVR’d it every day and when I watched it, I never heard her say anything. Guess I need new glasses AND a hearing aid ahhahhahahhaha. I’m so sad. I loved her craft spots and a lot of her cooking ones. I read she’ll have a weekly cooking show on PBS but what are we crafters going to watch?! WAH! Speaking of which, do you watch the PBS show about crafters? Oh my gosh, the last one was so wonderful with quilters.

    Wishing you a lovely long Memorial Day weekend! (so glad to hear you got to go on a road trip – although I think you should have come to Los Angeles too and visited me teehee!).

  3. Hi Sally,
    I missed the announcement too (if there ever was one on the show?) and didn’t find out until camera man told us at the end of the taping. I have caught one episode of the PBS craft series, and would really like to see more of it. You just reminded me that I need to go look up when it’s on again! And I added you back on Pinterest.

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