Destash Sale

I am doing some spring cleaning in my little studio, and have some goodies to sell! If you see something that you would like to buy, you may either leave a comment here, or e-mail me at

Prices below do not include shipping – let me know where you are located when inquiring about an item so that I can calculate what your shipping cost will be when I respond to you.

First up I have 5 packages of the 16 oz. Creative Paperclay. I went a little overboard buying these to get the wholesale price, and then realized that I don’t really need that large of an order of Paperclay… so I am offering the packages that I don’t need to you at the same wholesale price that I paid.
$6 per package + shipping. SOLD

Creative Paperclay - 16oz package

Next up is a mint condition copy of the Spring 2010 issue of Prims magazine, which was the first copy of Prims ever.  I also bought way too many of these in my excitement at being featured, and this is my last extra copy that I have to offer.
$15 + shipping SOLD
Prims Magazine Spring 2010 issue

Next up is a manual credit card imprinter for use at craft shows, AKA a knucklebuster. I am also including a package of about 100 (I used a few of them as testers when I first bought this item) carbonless credit card sales slips with it.  Except for testing how this worked after I purchased it, I never got around to using it.
$10 + shipping

Knucklebuster credit card imprinter

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  1. Wonderful. You should post a link in group for the Old Farmhouse Gathering gals to see. They’re a bunch of crafty ladies :o)

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