Time Flies When You’re Going Bonkers

I have been all over the place since my last post… oh gosh, where to start. I’ll start with the embarrassing part first – my husband and I attempted to move for the second time within three years, and our plan flopped once again. We have been trying to move from the suburbs to an older farmhouse in the country… something that I always thought was my dream… to live in a 1700s or 1800s farmhouse decorated like one of the homes I have so often drooled over in Early American Life magazine. But our attempts to move have taught me that this may not be my ultimate dream after all. The country escapes that we found ourselves pursuing were still just a little too “more of the same,” albeit in less developed areas. We don’t have the big bucks required to completely “get away from it all,” and we just couldn’t find anything that was quite enough away.

So now we have a new plan in mind… bear with me here, as this may sound crazy… to save up enough money to REALLY move into the country… or rather, a step closer to the wilderness. We are going to save up, purchase a motor home, sell our current home, and pursue the freedom of living full time on the road, camping at remote, wild and beautiful spots along the way. This is an idea I have been toying with for 6 years now, but I never thought I would be able to make it happen. I felt too entrenched in my current way of life despite how much I wanted to give this a try. But now, if we can save enough to make this plan feasible… there is a new goal in the horizon.

So. I’ve wasted a ton of time this summer house-hunting, packing… and then un-packing (ugh!), but I’ve still managed to get some new dolls and ornaments created, and to do a bunch of gardening and pickling too.


Do you think my tomato plants are happy?? 😀

tomato plants

And now I invite you to meet an extreme primitive doll named Nadine, and a primitive witch make-do named Hexe:

extreme primitive doll

primitive folk art witch make-do

Plus my newest ornaments in spun cotton, spun glass, and chenille:

spun cotton ornament

spun glass ornament

chenille Halloween ornaments

All of the new creations above can be found in my Old World Primitives Etsy shop.

Published in Prims Magazine

I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of the newest Stampington & Company publication, Prims Magazine, in my mailbox for some time now – so I am very excited that it’s here! As I tore the box open and began thumbing through the pages, I found myself impressed not only with the quality of the magazine and photographs (nothing less than what you’ve come to expect from Stampington if you are already familiar with their publications), but completely wowed by the quality of the artwork inside. I feel truly humbled to be included in the premier issue amongst so many artists that I have admired for a long time now.

Pictured below is the magazine cover and a peek at the two page article that my doll Rebecca is featured in.

Prims magazine feature - The Life of Cloth and Clay

Since my last post, I have also added a bunch of new goodies to my Old World Primitives Etsy shop, including spun cotton ornaments, a set of 3 patriotic 4th of July chenille ornaments, and two primitive black Halloween cat dolls (yes… I am starting to think Halloween already!).

Old World Primitives Etsy Shop new items

Early Work Mercantile Grand Opening!

Early Work Mercantile is now open for business! Before I head on over to browse through all of the other talented artists’ goodies, I would like to introduce you to my two new offerings that are available now in the Old World Primitives Early Work Mercantile Shop. Both dolls were created using Netty LaCroix designs.

First is Hester – she is an extreme primitive folk art pioneer doll.

extreme primitive folk art pioneer doll

extreme primitive folk art pioneer doll

My second offering is a spooky extreme primitive black cat doll.

extreme primitive black cat doll

For more information about each of these dolls, please come and visit them over at Early Work Mercantile. I on my way over there myself right now!

Extreme Primitive Black Cat + EHAG Prize!

I was planning on making an Uncle Sam doll as my next creation, but I couldn’t resist squeezing in a primitive black Halloween cat first. This extreme primitive black cat doll is wearing a witch hat and was created using a Netty LaCroix design. He is available now in my Old World Primitives Etsy shop.

extreme primitive black cat Halloween doll

SOLD, thank you!

In keeping with today’s Halloween theme, I also received a wonderful package in the mail today. I was the lucky winner of a set of curious Halloween ornaments handmade by Iva Wilcox in EHAG’s Frightful Fête 3rd Anniversary Giveaway. I was so surprised and happy that I won – and when my package arrived, I discovered that Iva had also tucked in a beautiful signed, limited edition ACEO Halloween print as an extra. Thank you so much, Iva, for brightening my day with these lovely goodies!

giveaway award from Iva Wilcox

April WSOAPP Shoppe Update

Today marks the WSOAPP April 7th update! I just added the new extreme primitive angel doll (pattern by Netty LaCroix) pictured below to my Old World Primitives WSOAPP Shoppe.

extreme primitive folk art angel doll

extreme primitive folk art angel doll

April will be my final month on WSOAPP, and starting May 1st you may find me on Early Work Mercantile (in addition to my Old World Primitives Etsy Shop). I will be closing down my retail store in approximately 2 months and transitioning that page over to a homepage for my handmade wares soon after.

March WSOAPP Update and Retail Blowout Sale

My Old World Primitives WSOAPP Shoppe has been updated for our March 7th update with the two new items pictured below – an extreme primitive cow doll and a set of three primitive carrot ornaments.

extreme primitive folk art cow doll

primitive ornaments

Also, today marks the start of my retail blowout sale! I am now down to my final days of selling retail, and have placed EVERY item on Final Sale. Take a peek for some really deep discounts! I have only 1 left of many of the items that remain in stock, so if you see something you want, please grab it. Items will not be restocked as they sell out – I am closing out of my imported retail inventory so that I may turn my full focus to my handmade dolls.

Extreme Primitive Doll with Chicken Tag

I just added a new extreme primitive doll to the Old World Primitives Etsy Shop. She is rag stuffed and wears calico angel wings and a chicken tag. I also gave her mismatched vintage button eyes, a very serious mouth, and a single tuft of hair to complete her extreme prim look. She was created using a Netty LaCroix design and is a big 32″ long. You may view more photos of her over on Etsy.

extreme primitive doll - rag angel with chicken tag

SOLD, thank you!

I am also excited to announce that the Etsy Season of Love contest ended today and that my primitive doll is featured in The Storque article announcing the voter favorites. Thank you to all who voted for her!

December WSOAPP Shoppe Update

It’s time for the WSOAPP December 7th update! I just added the new extreme primitive angel doll pictured below to my Old World Primitives WSOAPP Shoppe. There are still a few days left to enter the free Door Prize giveaway that I am hosting in my WSOAPP shoppe too. The winner will be announced on December 10th!

extreme primitive folk art angel doll

extreme primitive folk art angel doll

extreme primitive folk art angel doll

This doll is SOLD and is getting ready to fly to her new home!

Don’t forget – WSOAPP is hosting a Holiday Open House through December 10th. Be sure to stop by and enter our giveaway for a $50 gift certificate that will be redeemable in any WSOAPP Market Street Shoppe (if you haven’t already!).

New Extreme Primitive Folk Art Doll

extreme primitive folk art doll

extreme primitive folk art doll

Mrs. Baker is an extreme primitive folk art doll made of muslin stuffed with sawdust. She wears a tea-stained muslin skirt with an adjustable drawstring and a very prim carrot. She has bits of coffee-stained string for hair and vintage buttons for eyes. I made her using a Netty LaCroix design. Click the links under Where to Find My Work in the upper right corner of this blog (a list that I am excited to say will be expanding very soon) to find where she is available for sale.