Primitive Folk Art Sisters

I am back from my first of two July vacations for a few days and am squeezing in some new creations while I am back home. Here is a sneak peek at the latest offering from Old World Primitives – a pair of primitive sisters. One is an angel, and one is a witch.

primitive folk art dolls

primitive folk art doll

primitive folk art doll

The pair are joined together and each has a string for hanging. I created these primitive dolls using a Netty LaCroix pattern. The sisters will be available for sale soon in the shops listed under “Where to Find My Work” at the upper right of this blog.

New Extreme Primitive Folk Art Doll

extreme primitive folk art doll

extreme primitive folk art doll

Mrs. Baker is an extreme primitive folk art doll made of muslin stuffed with sawdust. She wears a tea-stained muslin skirt with an adjustable drawstring and a very prim carrot. She has bits of coffee-stained string for hair and vintage buttons for eyes. I made her using a Netty LaCroix design. Click the links under Where to Find My Work in the upper right corner of this blog (a list that I am excited to say will be expanding very soon) to find where she is available for sale.

Extreme Primitive Black Cat

This week I am creating a pair of extreme primitive black cats.  Making them is getting me excited for Halloween already – it’s never too early!  Here is the first cat:

extreme prim cat doll

I just added her to my Old World Primitives Etsy shop.  Many thanks to Netty LaCroix for the design!

New Primitive Doll: Emma

I just added a new doll to the Old World Primitives Etsy shop.
Meet Emma:

extreme primitive early American style doll

Emma is an extreme primitive early American style doll that I created using a Netty LaCroix design. She is made of tea-stained muslin stuffed with eco-friendly natural fibers. She has a needle sculpted nose, black pins for eyes, and her remaining features are hand drawn. Emma has patchy black hair and wears a brown calico dress and a black shawl pinned in place with a vintage button. This primitive doll measures 26″ tall from head to toe, and 16″ tall when sitting.


Excited side note: my primitive bunnies and my primitive pumpkin are each featured in two new Etsy treasuries, for a total of 4 today! I am so excited. Three are in the Treasury West and one is my first main Treasury feature. Check them out:

Primitive Cupboard Sheep

Here is my latest creation – a pair of primitive cupboard sheep.

pair of primitive sheep

coffee stained primitive sheep

primitive sheep covered in vintage cotton batting

Both sheep are made of muslin stuffed with natural fibers. The woolly sheep is covered in vintage cotton batting and the brown sheep is heavily coffee stained. Both sheep have painted black heads, vintage cotton batting tails, and stick legs. Each sheep also wears a poem printed on heavily stained, torn paper that has been attached with two pieces of twine. The brown sheep’s poem has some dried flowers tucked in as well, and he wears a piece of twine adorned with a rusty bell around his neck. Kentucky Primitives gets credit for the design for this primitive pair.

Each sheep is for sale separately now on Old World Primitives.

Primitive Bunnies in a Garden

Happy Earth Day!

It is almost time to start my garden in the backyard again… in the meantime, I just finished a primitive garden vignette. It is a pair of grungy bunnies in a cabbage leaf garden along with carrots and turnips. Click the images to enlarge them.
primitive bunnies in a cabbage leaf garden

primitive summer garden with extreme prim bunnies

The cabbage leaf is made of heavy muslin with a stuffed stem and some wire sewn between the leaves to form spines that help the leaf keep its shape. The leaf was painted in multiple shades of green, coffee dyed, and grungied up with cinnamon. The bunnies, carrots, and turnips are made of muslin stuffed with natural fibers. Each was painted, stained, sanded a few times over and dusted with cinnamon. The bunnies have sewn black eyes and noses, sticks for legs, and vintage cotton batting tails. The garden is a Kentucky Primitives design and was really fun to make! They are for sale on Old World Primitives now.

To circle back to Earth Day: I started a compost pit in the yard this year to celebrate Earth Day. Composting recycles organic household waste back into the earth, returns nutrients into the soil, and reduces the amount of organic waste going into garbage dumps and landfills. Compost also makes great garden fertilizer!

New Grungy Primitive Pumpkin

I just finished another Netty LaCroix pumpkin – I made this one more grungy than the last one. He was stained, painted, and sanded many times over and then dusted with cinnamon. I grungied up the stem as well, and added vintage buttons on top of circular patches for eyes.

grungy primitive pumpkin doll

This pumpkin is up for sale now on Old World Primitives.