The Witches Ball 2010 in Mount Holly, NJ

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Witches Ball in Mount Holly, NJ for the second year in a row with my husband Max.  This event is now one of our much-anticipated Halloween traditions!  The caliber of costumes that folks come out in rival what I have seen in Salem, MA or the NYC Halloween Parade.  This year we brought a couple of cameras and a tripod, and were able to capture some fun – and scary!, be forewarned – photos of the event.

Moan-a, the giant witch
Moan-a, the giant witch, welcoming us to the Ball.
The Witches Ball 2010 - Mount Holly, NJ
This sign was greeting us near the start of the Ball.
The Witches Ball judging booth
The judge's stand at the costume contest. (Click to enlarge.)
The Witches Ball - Spirit of Christmas shop in Mount Holly, NJ
View of the Witches Ball crowd. The building in the background is a delightful Christmas ornament shop called Spirit of Christmas. Max and I bought several ornaments there. The proprietress was very nice, and told us the building was built in 1775. It was so charming! (Click to enlarge.)
The Witches Ball - historical costume
A favorite historical costume. (Click to enlarge.)
The Witches Ball - Best Witch costume winner
Winner of Best Witch Costume - Linda Chamberlain of Mount Holly, NJ.
The Witches Ball - scary costume
This was my favorite costume of the night. He had two strings of skulls hanging down his back, too.
Creep Show Zombie
The Best Over All costume contest winner - Brett Walker of Gloucester City, NJ - Creep Show Zombie.
Creep Show Zombie and devil friend
Creep Show Zombie and devlish friend.
giant devil costume
Scary giant devil costume with Mona in the background.
The Witches Ball - devil costume
Spooky photo of the giant devil costume. (Click to enlarge.)
Terri Lindahl-Castro of T.L.C. Interiors
This is Terri Lindahl-Castro sitting outside her shop, T.L.C. Interiors. She had the coolest interior design shop I have ever been in. Her sense of style is amazing! She also designed many of the props at the Ball.
The Great Pumpkin
I'm The Great Pumpkin. Don't think I'm not!

What Fun at The Witches Ball!

I am back from my first craft show, which was also my first Halloween party for the year, and feeling energized.  Halloween is my favorite time of year, and this festival was a great way to get into the holiday spirit!  The decorations and Halloween colored lights throughout the streets were amazing, there were plenty of yummy treats to be had (my favorites being the warm and fresh kettle corn and the hot apple cider), and many people went all-out with their costumes.  It was so fun to see all of the creative costumes throughout the night from my booth viewpoint.  It was also great fun to see and hear people’s reactions to my products and help them with their purchases.  Many comments during the night really made me smile. Here are some of the photos that I managed to snap during one of my brief forrays outside of my booth (note to self: bring my tripod next time).

The Witches Ball 2009 in Mount Holly, NJ

The Witches Ball 2009 in Mount Holly, NJ
This was the giant witch that greeted visitors to the Ball.

The Witches Ball 2009 in Mount Holly, NJ
That’s my booth on the right, and to the left was talented painter/sculptor Linda Mehnert. I bought one of her cat sculptures and just adore it!

The Witches Ball 2009 in Mount Holly, NJ
This was the view of the booths to my right from inside my booth.

And just to give you an idea of how amazing the costumes were, here is a photo that I borrowed from The Witches Ball Costume Contest Winners page of their website – this was my favorite costume of the night, which I was lucky enough to get to see up close (the wings were jointed and moved – and the detail in her dress and choker were amazing).

Best Fasntasy Costume at The Witches Ball 2009 - Bride of Death