Spun Cotton Fox and Rabbit Ornaments for Spring

Happy Valentine’s Day! There are just five more weeks of winter left – and the bunnies are multiplying here at Old World Primitives in anticipation of spring. They have a woodland fox friend in springy colors keeping them company too.

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bunny rabbit spun cotton ornament

bunny rabbit spun cotton ornament

bunny rabbit spun cotton ornament

fox spun cotton ornament

Spun Cotton Valentine Ornaments – Handmade Primitive Valentine Decor

This week I have begun releasing my newest designs for 2012, starting with a collection of spun cotton Valentine ornaments.  Each of the ornaments below is a handmade original design by Old World Primitives.

spun cotton cat ornament

spun cotton cat ornament

spun cotton cat ornament

These spun cotton ornaments are dressed in festive shades of pink and red for Valentine’s Day – or any day of the year.

Old World Primitives Gift Certificates

CHRISTMAS ORDERING UPDATE: Chenille ornaments and dolls or spun cotton ornaments listed as “in stock and ready to ship” in the Old World Primitives Etsy shop will ship the same or next business day throughout the entire month of December.

My schedule is now booked solid through Christmas for “Made To Order” spun cotton ornaments and dolls, which are handmade especially for you after your purchase.  You may still purchase these items in the Old World Primitives Etsy shop throughout the month of December, but orders received after November 28th will not arrive before Christmas.

If you were hoping to purchase a Made to Order item from my shop as a Christmas gift and were not able to place your order before my deadline, I am offering the option to purchase gift certificates this year.  When you click the button above, you may choose the amount that you would like your gift certificate to be, and fill out who it is To and From.  You will also have the option to either e-mail the gift certificate directly to your recipient, or to print it and wrap it for Christmas.

1770s Festival and Quiet Valley Harvest Festival

This lovely October I have had the pleasure of attending two historic festivals – the annual 1770s Festival at Lord Stirling Park in Basking Ridge, NJ and the annual Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm Harvest Festival.

1770s Festival - Basking Ridge, NJ

The 1770s Festival happens each year on the first Sunday in October.  I attended this year’s festival on October 2, 2011. The setting for the festival was on the grounds of Lord Stirling’s grand manor house and estate, originally constructed in the 1770s.

1770s Festival - Basking Ridge, NJ

We had a long and interesting talk with a member of the Revolutionary War military detachment camp, who taught us all about the weaponry and methods of combat during the Revolutionary War.

1770s Festival - Basking Ridge, NJ

Skilled artisan Homer Hansen demonstrated paper cutting techniques to achieve beautiful and intricate silhouette designs.

Quiet Valley Historical Farm Harvest Festival 2011

The Quiet Valley Harvest Festival takes place on Columbus Day weekend each year.  The setting is a beautiful historical farm with buildings dating back to the late 1700s – 1800s.   There is plenty of yummy food to eat at the festival…

Quiet Valley Harvest Festival 2011

…farm animals in their pastures (like the sheep above), barns (there were 13 three-week-old piglets in the barn with their mother this year), and petting areas…

Quiet Valley Historical Farm 2011 Harvest Festival

…and  demonstrations of many early American skills and crafts, including  spinning, weaving, yarn dyeing, tatting, coopering, quilling, broom making, oak split basketry, outdoor brick bake oven, Dutch oven cooking, butter making, and rope making.  I learn something new about these crafts every year.

Quiet Valley 2011 Harvest Festival

Primitive Halloween Folk Art

Time got away from me this busy holiday season, and I never got a chance to post all of my newest designs for fall and Halloween before it was time to start working on orders for them.  So now that I have already started working on Christmas versions of the two primitive dolls below, I figured I should finally post their Halloween versions first.

primitive cat doll in a witch hat

This is a reclining primitive Halloween cat doll, dressed in a black witch hat and a black cheesecloth scarf.  Look for her in a Santa hat in my Etsy shop later this week.

handmade spooky Halloween moon man in a witch hat

And this is primitive Halloween moon wall decoration wearing a black witch hat. I envisioned him as a Halloween man in the moon, but some think he looks like an old crone, which I can see too. S/he will also be in my Etsy shop wearing a Santa hat later this week.

handmade spooky Halloween moon man

Sweet Annie Harvest

I grew my own organic sweet annie this year to use in crafting my spun cotton and primitive doll creations.  Today was harvesting day.

sweet annie

Fresh sweet annie smells so wonderful!

Earlier in the day, a black swallowtail butterfly visited the carrots, dill and parsley in my garden, and laid her eggs in them. Another swallowtail had done the same earlier in the week. I am looking forward to seeing the caterpillars hatch in a few days.

Halloween Spun Cotton Ornaments

spun cotton ornament

Halloween spun cotton ornament

spun cotton Halloween ornament

spun cotton dog ornament

spun glass Halloween ornament

The ornaments pictured above are my newest spun cotton and spun glass designs for the 2011 holiday season. I am now working on another batch of Halloween primitive dolls – a black cat, a witch cat, and a witchy moon. More spun cotton Halloween ornaments will be added next week, and perhaps a Halloween paper doll or two.

spun cotton ornament display