Antiques in Long Valley Show Find

This weekend I went to the 23rd annual “Antiques in Long Valley” show in Long Valley, NJ and left with a fantastic find! I purchased a circa 1870s chimney cupboard with original dark blue paint. I think it is a rare and beautiful find and am very excited about it. Plus, it fits perfectly into the empty spot in my blue living room next to a barnwood cabinet that I have been looking to fill.

1870 antique chimney cupboard with original blue paint

1870 antique chimney cupboard with original blue paint

There were so many other items at this show that I wished I could have bought too – I could easily have left with a U-Haul filled with goodies if I had the means. There was absolutely no junk at this show, and in some booths I wanted just about every item in them. I just missed a lovely antique doll with a lithographed face that was in excellent condition – a dealer at another antique store that I shop at got to her first, and is keeping her for her personal collection.

My Mom picked up a wonderful late 19th century German cloth doll with a tin head. I told her that if she didn’t buy her, I was going to have to (and I had already spent enough!). The doll still has a tattered, aged piece of paper pinned beneath her clothes with a handwritten note of who she once belonged to.

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  1. The cupboard is beautiful! What a great find! Can you show a picture of the inside? What kind of things will you put in it? The show sounds like it was fun. Enjoy your new piece.

  2. Love the new Piece and I bet is looks awesome in your home. I bet you could go home with a u-haul full. LOL Me too. We don’t have good things like that around here, if there is a place for things like that to be sold, there is a lot of junk. Know what I mean.

    Have a great evening.

  3. Hi Debbie,
    I just rescued your comment from my spam queue – not sure why it got stuck in there, sorry! I have already begun filling the shelves inside of the cabinet with the books, magazines, and DVDs that had begun piling up around the house, so it’s not too pretty inside right now unfortunately, but it’s very functional. 🙂


  4. Really behind with my blog visits this month. Absolutely love this blue cupboard. What a fantastic find. That show sounds like it would be just up my street. Pity it is so far away…lol.

  5. I have a cabinet just like that, except it is a bit shorter. Mine is not painted a color, but, whatever was applied to it has turned to “alligator” speckles on parts of the cabinet. I’m glad I stumbled upon your site. I’ve always adored primitives. I’ve done a painting and decorated a few end tables in a ‘folk’ish manner. They turned out really good.



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