Rebecca – An Early Style Primitive Folk Art Doll

Today I have decided to pull myself away from my gardens long enough to introduce Rebecca, the newest addition to my Old World Primitives Etsy shop. She is an OOAK cloth doll with a face sculpted from Paperclay. She is entirely hand painted, antiqued, and sealed. Rebecca’s early style outfit was inspired by my fascination with the Amish of Lancaster, PA and their old-fashioned way of life.

primitive folk art doll

primitive folk art doll

And now it’s back out to the gardens for me.  This year my husband and I created two raised beds in our backyard, inspired by the great success our friends Dawn and Bill have had with them (and how delicious everything they grow tastes – we just got our first sample of the season at another amazing BBQ in their back yard last night).  With some advice from a recent article in Early American Life, we now also have raised beds of our own – filled with 4 varieties of heirloom tomatoes, pickle cucumbers, orange bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, red and white onions, snow peas, strawberries, dill, parsley, garlic chives, basil, and cilantro.  Many more veggies will be added in the late summer for a fall crop.

14 thoughts on “Rebecca – An Early Style Primitive Folk Art Doll”

  1. She’s wonderful Steph…so unique…she really does look like an old Amish lady!

    We put our garden in this weekend as well…we do not do raised beds although I wanted to….as when you have a lot of rain….raised beds really help to keep your garden from flooding. I hope you will share pics with us when things start to grow:)


  2. Thank you both!
    And Doreen, I will share garden pictures soon – everything is coming up already, as we took a chance this year by planting our seeds and seedlings the first weekend in May. I have already eaten a few ripe strawberries that I managed to get ahold of before the birds did.

  3. Rebecca is lovely Stephanie. She has a wonderful face as if she has experienced a lot of life.

    I am very impressed with the number and variety of goodies you are planting in your garden. There is nothing quite like home grown fruit and vegetables. My brother and his partner gave us a huge ceramic planter filled with strawberry plants and they are just coming into fruit now. Another three weeks to ripen and then yum!!!

  4. Cathy – Thank you for your kind words about Rebecca – and I must agree that there is nothing like home grown food. When I was a child, we grew all of our own vegetables in two very large gardens plus quite a few fruits too. I have missed gardening for a long time and am happy to be getting back to it again.

  5. she is beautiful! what a lovely face. we made a raised bed this year too! Its so sweet and neat 🙂 took a ton of dirt to fill it though!~

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