Primitive Witch Hat Box

Today officially feels like fall here in New Jersey – we had to turn the heat on for the first time since last spring, and the green leaves outside my window are finally starting to get some red and yellow tips.

Yesterday I updated the Old World Primitives Early Work Mercantile shop for our October 1st update with a primitive witch hat box.  The witch hat is made of painted, stained muslin adorned with a strip homespun and bit of dried flowers. The box is made of painted, stained paper mache.

primitive witch hat box
primitive witch hat box

Does anyone have their Halloween costume ready yet?  I do, since I’ll be wearing mine already next weekend to The Witches Ball.  I’m going to wear my very favorite handmade Halloween costume – “Tragic Alice” by Heavy Red.  My Mom will be joining me as a fairy!

my Halloween costume

2 thoughts on “Primitive Witch Hat Box”

  1. Great hat and box Stephanie. You are so clever with primitive. That is a great costume. Hope you and your mum have a great time at the Witches Ball. We don’t really do Halloween in the same way here that you do in the States. It is a very much watered down version although it is gradually becoming more popular. The supermarkets always do a good trade in pumpkins and gourds.

  2. Thanks, Cathy – we did have fun at The Witches Ball! I already can’t wait to go again next year. There were so many unique and detailed costumes to see all night, and it was energizing to see and hear people’s reactions to my creations in person. What a fun time! I need to post some pictures soon.

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