Snowman Ornaments and Quilting

I added a new set of chenille Christmas ornaments to my Old World Primitives Etsy Shop today – a set of 3 snowmen wearing red scarves.

chenille snowman ornaments for Christmas

They are all ready for the winter weather to begin! I’m not quite ready yet though… there are still plenty of veggies hanging in there in my gardens that I am hoping will ripen before the first frost.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Halloween weekends!  I spent my Halloween with family and friends in beautiful Lancaster County, PA.   We made our annual trip to Cherry Crest Farm, did some shopping (I added the most wonderful new handmade folk art piece to my collection), and enjoyed our favorite local edible treats.  Lancaster County also happens to be the quilt capital of the USA, and during our visit we stopped into The People’s Place Quilt Museum. It was here that my husband Max finally came to appreciate the beauty and artistic merit of quilts… and decided that he just had to try making his own!  He bought a quilt kit in a local shop with the materials and instructions necessary to make a 22″ square wall hanging quilt.  I showed him how to use a sewing machine (for the very first time, believe it or not) and then he was off – and look at what he completed in his first day of both sewing and quilting.  I have to say, I am pretty impressed!

handmade quilt wall hanging

I can’t wait until he makes us a nice Queen sized quilt for our bed after finishing this one! Does anyone have any recommendations for designing your own quilt?

11 thoughts on “Snowman Ornaments and Quilting”

  1. WOW Steph..that’s great :)..he is doing an excellent job. I’m afraid I can’t help with the quilt…I tried once…years ago and could not do it!!!!

    LOVE the ornaments.

    Hugs, D

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    What a LUCKY lady. He has done an EXCELLENT job. He is a keeper. I wish I could get my husband interested in doing anything crafty and I can honestly tell you it will never happen.
    I am a quilter, and Quilting for me is not just about the design but being able to use lots of differant and wonderful fabrics. I am a lover of the nine patch quilt. It is simple in constuction, but has it does allow for a very scrappy and beautiful look. it also lets the imagination go wild with fabrics!!!

  3. Goodness – a husband who can sew and quilt like that for the very first time is worth hanging on to Stephanie. Crafty men are at a premium – there are so few of them around. Quilting is one thing I have never tried. I love looking at them and admiring other peoples’ creativity and ingenuity though.

  4. Julie & Cathy – I agree, he is definitely a keeper! Max enjoyed reading your feedback on his creation, too. 🙂 I am going to have to look up the nine patch quilt concept now – it sounds like a good starting point for a larger quilt. And Julie, I agree about the appeal being partially getting to use different pretty fabrics – that is what I am most interested in with regards to quilting myself.

  5. Hi Stephanie!
    Your ornaments are so darling – I think I need your doggie ones to come home with me! 🙂
    Wow! Your husband is amazing. My gosh, what a wonderful first quilt block. Does he have a new project?
    Happy weekend and I’m off to go see if you still have the doggie ornaments!

  6. Hi Sally,
    I just received your order – thanks so much! I will be shipping your package tomorrow and e-mailing you a tracking number when it is ready to go. 🙂
    My husband is working on adding some applique to his quilt now – I’ll post another photo of his progress when it’s all finished. He is enjoying the feedback on his crafty work!


  7. Hi Stephanie!
    You’re very welcome! Your ornaments are so adorable – I’ll be stalking the mailman, awaiting their arrival. Now I just need to go buy myself one of those feather trees I’ve always wanted, huh?!! 🙂
    Your husband is so cute. That’s so great that he’s encouraged and enjoying it. I’ll look forward to seeing his adventures in applique.
    Happy crafty weekend to you both!

  8. Hi Stephanie! The mail just came a little bit ago and I received your box of adorableness! Oh my! I just love my ornaments so much. Thank you, I will cherish them and look forward to the holidays and displaying them.
    Running off to leave you your feedback now …

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