Spun Cotton Ornaments and a Cozy Kitty

Due to wonderfully encouraging customer response, I have been busily working on more spun cotton ornaments since my last post (as my doll parts still sit patiently waiting).  Below are pictures of my latest spun cotton creations – all except the bunny holding the Easter basket sold before I got the chance to post them here (some traveling as far as South Korea… that was exciting!). If you see one that you like but missed, custom order inquiries are welcome.

spun cotton ornament

spun cotton ornament

spun cotton ornament

spun cotton ornament

I had fun doing some shopping on Etsy last week as well.  My little Trooper has been happily snuggled up in a cozy new cat bed that I bought for him from mimi0201.

Trooper in his cat bed

Trooper is the baby of the family, and he likes to have his very own bed in each room of the house. Until last week, the living room was the final room he was missing a bed in… and I knew that he needed one there when my husband set his empty backpack down on the rug, and Trooper snuggled up on it like it was a bed. He seems very pleased with the switch to his cushy, fleecy new spot.

And speaking of needing… or shall I say kneading… I also picked up this adorable card from Pet Scribbles for my hubby for Valentine’s Day. I absolutely love it, and her customer service was amazing!

Pet Scribbles handmade greeting card

13 thoughts on “Spun Cotton Ornaments and a Cozy Kitty”

  1. Your spun cotton buns are so cute Stephanie. I love the grey pleated skirt on the bottom one. You must have had great fun making them. Trooper’s new bed is delightful too. There are so many gorgeous soft and fleecy beds for kits these days. Ours tend to sleep on the backs of the sofa and chairs on fleeces, but Tiggy also has a lovely wicker basket which he is very fond of. You must have lots of cat beds in your home.

  2. Good morning Steph :)..these are all so wonderful..although I particularly love the 2nd bun down!

    What a great bed for Trooper..you are such a good momma!

    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Hugs, Doreen

  3. Hi Cathy – Thank you for your kind feedback… I do have lots of fun making these ornaments. Our cats like to sleep on the furniture (and in the bed!) too, but Trooper requires his own spot in each room that no other cat is allowed to share. So we have 7 cat beds in the house. 🙂 Many of them are just blankets folded up on top of the radiator covers though.

    Good morning Doreen… and thank you! Trooper is enjoying his wool blanket windowside bed this morning. 🙂 And now I must be off to continue creating… and stocking up on groceries before the next big snowstorm hits us!

  4. Hi Stephanie!
    Oh gosh! Your spun cotton bunnies are so darling! (My favorite is the second from the top also.) I will hope to get one as we get closer to Easter – I will need to collect my pennies after going a bit bonkers on Valentine’s Day decor.
    Trooper is adorable! I love that he has a little nappy bed in each room, so cute. I won’t let our Golden Retriever hear that, she only has the one bed and might start petitoning for more. 😉
    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your sweetie pie!

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