Prims Magazine Spring 2011 Issue

cover of the Spring 2011 issue of Prims Magazine

My daily run out to the mailbox to check to see if today will finally be the day that my issue of Prims arrives has finally ended – it’s here!  The Spring 2011 issue of Prims magazine is just packed full of artists whose work I have long admired – and collected.  I feel extremely privileged to have two of my primitive dolls, Laura and Rebecca, featured in such amazing company.

Spring 2011 issue of Prims Magazine


7 thoughts on “Prims Magazine Spring 2011 Issue”

  1. Your primmy dolls look great Stephanie. I love the cover of the latest edition. That pale blue/grey shade is really great. Have a productive week.

  2. I am looking for a copy of the volume 1 issue of Prims Magazine/Spring 2010. Can you help? You have so many lovely prim items for sale!

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